The Historically Black College-University: Of Vision and Memory / "Dark copies of dying whiteness are no longer needed"

Locking the Spirits of Angola's Modernist Architecture in Photographs: 1950-1975


Holler If Ya Hear Me: The Tupac-inspired play on Broadway / "A colorful introduction to a complex individual reality that is often misunderstood"


Submissions Call: GOOD SPEECHES {extended deadline! monday, july 28}


Howard U Student Protest of 1989: The Takeover, 25 Years Later


An Ujamaa Reunion (a prequel) / "By the 18th century, however, economists such as the English-born David Ricardo and Thomas Malthus took license to declare that the earth's resources were simply insufficient to support human populations."

Our Future Will Be Fiction: Allergic Reactions In the All-American Fruit Market / "Apple is our Columbus; Clear Channel, our Cortes; Nike, our Pizzaro; and we are the powerless royalty supporting the explorations."


Past Afrocentricity: Reassessing Cheikh Anta Diop's Place In the Afrocentric Frame / "African writers have been marginalized and grouped as 'Afrocentrists' ... but for all Afrocentrism's rage against the dogmatism of the last 500 years of European hegemony, it is itself dogmatic."


Yoga Poses for the Most Common Aches and Pains: A Basic How-To For Healing Yoga Poses


Interview with Cheikh Anta Diop

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Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts & Baldwin's Nigger: "It is not a racial problem. It's a problem of whether or not you're willing to look at your life and be responsible for it, and then begin to change it ... White is not a color, it's a attitude" / James Baldwin and Dick Gregory {film}


"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings" / Masanobu Fukuoka on Do Nothing Farming


Jacques Derrida interviews Ornette Coleman / "Sound has a much more democratic relationship to information"


Angela Davis & Toni Morrison / How do we become whole ... after traumas that threaten to splinter our souls?: On literacy, libraries, & liberation


Anansi Stories from West Africa to Jamaica / "Folklore is fertile ground for the transmission of knowledge across space, time and generations"


Pre-blackness, Blackness & Post-Blackness / 195,000 b.c. to Today


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