Should y'all all really get lynched?

Yeah, so there's this video circulating on the net. It was actually banned from It's some young guy's angry rant about the exploitation and other ills arising from mainstream hip-hop music (and culture in general). While I can agree with most of his harsh criticisms, I definitely believe that the message will be lost on those who really need to hear it. It's too hostile.

Moreover, he loses a whole other demographic (that may have actually cosigned) because in the midst of all his fury, he reifies the use of the terms "nigger," "bitch," and "ho," in addition to the concepts of black ignorance, hypersexuality and the like. He reinforces this tradition of disrespect. He criticizes black men for their cowardice in only having the guts to attack each other, yet who is he attacking?

If he wants to get to the real root of the problem, he ought to start at the top. Let's expose the faces and identities of those white record executives who wield most of the creative and financial control. Let's denigrate them for not facilitating any thing other than black savagery through music and media. In any case, it has caused major controversy, and everyone's got an opinion. Watch it and let us know what yours is.

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