Barfight between Ugandans + "black" American.

My uncle in Kampala, Uganda sent this to me. It was published in one of Uganda's most-read daily newspapers, The New Vision. Revealing, is how the headline really has no way of letting you know the ethnicity of the "American woman". It's deep how abroad, and in Africa nevertheless, there is often no room for anything more specific than "American" identity. I guess we still got a long way to go:
American woman fights man for eying her husband
By Benjamin Ekusai

DRAMA ensued in a pub in Ggaba recently when a black American woman was beaten after she started a fight with a man she accused of looking at her husband.

The lady had gone out for a drink with her husband, but patrons at the pub kept on looking at him. Many patrons were whispering about the well-toned muscular body of the giant American man.

The woman got so irritated that she shouted at a group of people, saying, “What are these monkeys looking at?”

One man, identified as Alule, went to the lady and told her, “We are just admiring your husband’s body and structure, but we are not monkeys.”

The lady insisted they were monkeys, to which Alule replied, “We used to have monkeys, but they were taken to America during the slave trade to plant sugarcane and they are the ones called black Americans or Niggers just like you.”

The woman started punching Alule. A fight started in which the woman was seriously hit before her husband came to her rescue.

The woman broke down in tears, but her husband apologized to the patrons, took her to the car and they drove off.

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