Ranking the Black Press. (it ain't pretty)

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A recent conference call with some Liberator staff members resulted in a desire get in touch with the black press; see what they had going on, see if we could use some of their material for our daily rants and raves and frustrations and praises.

We set out to find all the [black] news that was fit to print -- or even mention on a blog. What we found was very disappointing to say the least.

BlackPressUSA, the National Newspaper Publishers Association's (NNPA) central site that is supposed to serve as a syndicator for local black news from around the country, didn't even list all the black papers. More, out of all the titles it did list, many didn't have active links! What the..!

So we set out once again to find the black news papers that had been neglected by the NNPA due to lack of membership (we guess). Hey black news is black news, come on guys. You tryna monopolize here?! Or fulfill a mission you've been tasked with?!

After reading [what felt like] every single black news article ever published [online]. We deliberated long and hard [actually it was quite easy, took maybe 3-4 emails back and forth].

These are our findings:

The TOP 5 Black News sites in America!
(Upholding the mission of the Black Press)
1) NY Amsterdam News
2) Wilmington Journal
3) Chicago Defender
4) MN Spokesman-Recorder
5) The Afro

The Best of the Rest:
(good enough to mention, but not great enough to take the time to rank)
Baltimore Times, The Atlanta Voice, New York Beacon, Carolina Peacemaker, Westside Gazette (Florida)

Honorable [or, not so] Mentions.
Philadelphia New Observer, San Francisco Bay View

Ya coulda been a contenda SF BayView -- if only you'd get your frikin' links to werk! We also called the Philadelphia New Observer last week to inquirer about their... ahem... interesting web site. and this is how it went:

Philly New Observer Receptionist Lady: Hello, Philadelphia New Observer.
Liberator: This is the Philadelphia New Observer?

PNO: Yes it is ma'am, how can I help you?
Liberator: I'm calling from Liberator Magazine... I was trying to access your paper via your website... are you aware that your web address points to a pornography web site?

PNO: That is not our web site ma'am.
Liberator: But you do realize that the web address that you have listed for YOUR newspaper is actually a pornography website.

PNO: That is not our web site anymore ma'am.
Liberator: It's the one that the NNPA lists as your web site and in fact, you're the only philly paper it hyperlinks.

PNO: Yes, ma'am that used to be our website, but our new website is under construction.
Liberator: Under construction? When do you anticipate it being completed?

PNO: Well, ma'am it's under construction and will be up and running shortly.
Liberator: So you don't know.

PNO: Ma'am I don't have a specific date to give you.
Liberator: Will it have the same web address?

PNO: I don't know.
Liberator: But your print publication is still up and running though correct?

PNO: Yes ma'am.
Liberator: Okay thank you ma'am. We just wanted to make sure you were aware of it.

PNO: You have a nice evening.

Originally Posted 1/31/2007

Second Posting 1/2013

We're happy to note that all of the sites we listed back in 2007 are now listed on Google News. You can add them to your Google News feed with the customization settings. We also wanted to update this post to include all of the Black Press outlets we surveyed, for reference--this does not represent a new consideration of this survey.

On Google News:
Michigan Chronicle
The Madison Times
The Philadelphia Tribune
The Dallas Examiner
Indianapolis Recorder
Washington Informer
New Pittsburgh Courier
The Pensacola Voice
L.A. Watts Times
The Louisiana Weekly
The Mississippi Link
Florida Courier
The St. Louis American
The Wilmington Journal
The Bulletin
The Seattle Medium
Insight News (Minnesota)
Sacramento Observer

Not on Google News:
Tri-County Sentry
The Call (defunct site)