Fundraiser for Malawi.

My friend Opiyo has a grandmother visiting the US right now to raise money for her organization "WIN" (Women's Initiative Network) in Malawi, East Africa. She'll be in NY on Sunday at this event. Here's the info on her, the organization and the fundraising event.

We are very lucky to have Catherine Chipembere (Masauko's mom) visiting with us from Malawi this month. She heads back to Malawi in November after visiting in LA and we wanted to help raise some funds for her NGO, WIN (Women's Initiative Network) Malawi. At 72, Catherine (the widow of Masauko Chipembere Sr - one of the leaders of Malawi's Independance) runs 12 pre-schools for AIDS orphans and provides workshops for young women in order to sustain themselves in rural Malawi. In exile from Malawi with her 7 children for 30 years, Catherine returned in 1995 to help women and girls empower themselves.

We are hosting a fundraiser (give what you can) on Sunday, September 30th from 6-9pm at the Tabernacle Free Church on the corner of Washington Avenue and Sterling Place. Masauko and his friends will give a fabulous Southern African musical concert. There will be discussion about the current state of Malawi, as well as the implications of Madonna's recent presence (and adoption). We will host a $1 raffle and prizes will be given at the end of the evening. This is a family event and we really want to have as many people out as possible.

If you would like to donate funds and you are unable to attend, please send a tax-deductible check payable to "New Visions Partners" (in the memo write "WIN Malawi") and mail it to Natasha Gordon-Chipembere, 472 Sterling Place, Brooklyn NY 11238.