Photos from POCC's trip to El Salvador.

Photos courtesy of POCC Minister Of Information, JR.

On our way to Sonsonate, we saw these people hanging out by the road, in front of sugarcane crops and volcanoes, as we were on our way to a public water forum, an anti-water privatization summit organized by the water workers union, two weeks ago in El Salvador.

While at the public water forum, an anti-water privatization summit in Sonsonate, El Salvador, Anna translated what members of the water workers union were saying to the community, for me and Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. They told us that Coca Cola is one of the main corporations working to privatize water in the region.

On our way to Sonsonate, El Salvador, we passed by wood furniture makers hard at work. This photo was taken from the bus we were traveling in.

"Power is in the people and politics that we address" was something that the late legendary rapper Tupac Shakur put into his raps, and as you can see Tupac's words did not fall on deaf ears. Here his name is written on the cement in the city of Suchitoto, El Salvador, which is a strong hold of the FMLN, the anti-capitalist revolutionary people's party of El Salvador.

The POCC's Chairman Fred Hampton Jr chops one of his loved coconuts, after drinking the water, to get at the coconut meat. This was in Suchitoto, El Salvador.


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