Climbing PoeTree: Art with purpose, loses its ego

When paired with purpose, art losses its ego...Climbing PoeTree, celebrating the common flame*

Hurricane Season: The Hidden Messages in Water is imperfectly-perfect: painful, powerful, and visionary. It is one of the most compelling pieces of art I have ever seen. There is a kind of bliss that comes from ignorance and another that comes from having seen and felt with eyes and heart wide open...and finding the bliss within the layers. The foundation for our survival is Mother Earth. Water makes up 70 percent of the Earth's surface and 70 percent of our bodies. It is no coincidence. There are no coincidences here - yes, everything that happens happens for a reason.

Climbing PoeTree have spent years calculating the meaning, distilling the purpose, and planning the mission. Crafting a siren's call through their art and relentless activism; bringing the message over and over to thousands of people...




Alixa and Niama have harnessed the power of their combined voices and vision into a compelling road map for the issues at hand. They have taken the most pressing issues in this time of golden crisis and woven them with hope into the fabric of solutions. You leave armed to the teeth with tools of your own, local connections, how-to guides, and a blazing spirit.




This passion must become our own. Hurricane Season has become a place where one is invited to ignite, add their own light, to join in. This is a place of community, tribe. It is a place where poetry meets action and philosophy meets resolution.

Let me tell you from my own firsthand experience, creating something organic from the grassroots, with intention, precision and follow-through is no small feat. It takes the conjuring of miracles, the belief in a higher self and in an urgent purpose.

"It's snowing in the desert ya'll." The words come out of both of their mouths simultaneously; it is beautifully propelling. Their poetry is percussive, it hammers, it bellows, it builds in momentum to break you open and it finds in that openness the precious seeds of life and the power of individual and community spirit alike.

This performance will take you deep. Far beyond being entertained. If there is one lesson I see so clearly here it is the fruits, the gifts, the knowledge, and the joy that comes from following through. Be ready to jump into the deep-end everyday, see what is happening with a sharp eye, follow through and watch something snow ball. Hurricane Season is growing and at a rapid pace.

When I look back through the catalogue of experiences I have had while traveling the world, my journeys were always based on documentation, which in turn has grown into the mission of creating an image bank for revolutionaries. On the tour I had Sallome announce that all of my images are available for free usage to those working in media, visual arts, activism - just contact me, and as long as you have a mission that I feel reflects unity, progress, and peace, I am happy to share all that I have.

I felt honored and privileged to document this illuminating event in our herstory. Climbing PoeTree's work has been received by sold-out crowds and with enthusiasm across this land. In fact, Alixa and Niama received the Common Folk National Award for community activism just a few weeks ago in Washington, DC.

They should be supported, hailed, and inhaled in our light. Make time in the new year to listen to their words, get the album, see the show! As one rises, we all rise. As we reach out our hands to each other, there is only more support, more room for letting go, more space to take flight. I learned and grew endlessly from documenting the work of these women and the amazing group they have brought together to yield a vision. Hurricane Season: The Hidden Messages in Water.

With gratitude and respect.

Bless & be blessed.
//layla love

This is a link to my site, where all images are offered as a free gift to the revolutionaries: Love Photography

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