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Wow, remember back in the day when there was this thing called a "black leader"? I was browsing the internets and came across a comment about "something" Malcolm did in Los Angeles in 1962. I looked it up and this video is what Malcolm was doing in Los Angeles in 1962. Gotta love the internet instant knowledge database. A Muslim brother had been killed by the police... sound familiar? And Malcolm went to Los Angeles to address the issue straight, no chaser. Gotta love Malcolm. Gotta love the smell of real community when you come across it (on such a "massive" scale, relative to what we have now) -- if only on the digital archives of the internets world knowledge database [The Complete Malcolm X Speeches on Youtube]

"How have they done this?... divide and conquer... If I take my hand and slap you you don't even feel it... because those digits are Separated. But all I have to do to put you back in your place is bring those digits together... but today... thanks to Allah... You can say thanks to God, or thanks to Jesus, or thanks to Jehovah, whoever you want!... since the community has shocked the white man by resisting all efforts to divide us, I think that you and I should continue to shock him by seeing and working together in unity, despite religious political, economic or education or social differences, let us remember that we are not brutalized because we're Baptist, we're not brutalized because we're Methodists, we're not brutalized because we're Muslims, we're not brutalized because we're Catholic. We're brutalized because we are black people in America."

~Malcolm X

Originally Posted 1/27/2009

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