Dropping the draconian Rockefeller drug laws.

Mobilizers are encouraging folks to sign a petition to New York Governer David Patterson, requesting that he follow through on his stated opposition to the Rockefeller Drug laws that have put countless black men in prison for cruel and unusually lengthly sentences for petty crime.

Peace everyone, There's real hope that the Rockefeller Drug Laws could be taken off the books. Gov. Paterson in the past has indicated his opposition to them, and alluded to possible repeal in his state of the state address a few days ago. To help nudge the governor further in that direction, please sign the Drop the Rock Coalition's petition (link).

Trust me, this isn't a fake or pointless petition. I've been a member of the Coalition for a little less than a year, and they've been sure to do quality control on the petition so that it has real weight when presented to the Assembly. The ultimate goal is 35,000 signatures, and we have about 22,000 so far. These laws are responsible for a lot of people getting locked up for very long periods of time for minor drug offenses. Signing the petition literally takes only about 30 seconds. ~Sam