Jay Electronica: On Posers [sayings]

I think we the first folks on the internets to post transcriptions of Jay Electronica's recent tracks. My brotha is writing more up now and we'll post them as we complete them. So if you see these elsewhere, you're reading the website of a stealer! lol. Yo, sending smoke signals and telepathic messages: Jay, if you're out there, we gotta connect asap!

The New Royales + Jay Electronica: Posers
How does one go from chosen to posen'?
trapped in a box for years
like Hans Solo frozen
trapped in a whack idea
designed by DeBeers
to keep your mental eye lids closed
and your eye balls bulgin'
It could kill a man
Turn a real man to a realer man
or package you
as a bathing ape wearing gorilla stand
This message is brought to you in part from a Michael Jackson Thriller fan
I had the glove
plus the matching jacket
it's cool to imitate
just grow into your own
don't let the green grass across the picket fence
turn you into Mr. Smith
without a purpose
or a home
underneath he is a jedi
on the surface he is a clone
smiling for his peers
at night time he cried
till he dried up all his tearducts
and he cool with that
as long as he got a haircut
and his gear up
without change
we over
from individuals
to posers."


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