Jay Electronica: Victory Is In My Clutches [sayings]

I think we the first folks on the internets to post transcriptions of Jay Electronica's recent tracks. My brotha is writing more up now and we'll post them as we complete them. So if you see these elsewhere, you're reading the website of a stealer! lol. Yo, sending smoke signals and telepathic messages: Jay, if you're out there, we gotta connect asap!

Jay Electronica: Victory Is In My Clutches:
A sista singing: "they should've told you/ I am for the people/ and on my shoulders/ carryin' the world/ say yes sir/ victory is mine/ oh yeah"

"I tumble like a dice do/
stay on the humble/
like christ do/
piss stanzas/
and shite haikus/
since i was a young tycu/
tried to moon walk/
like Michael/
I understood the universal cycles/
impoverished kids on sedatives'll never live mutual/
with reverends/
movie stars/
and producers/
so standardized education in it's current state is useful/
i mean useless/
pardon the slippage/
the dead'll probably target/
the jargon is gibberish/
meanwhile i'm off in the stars/
warring with (_______)/
you see them atoms spinning/
you see them waves shimmering/
you see them wisdoms grinning/
the masculine energy make 'em feel feminine/
i transform/
they start assembling/
from moet/
to (m____)/
sitting bull was twisting sittin' ducks/
like dutches/
victory is in my clutches/
you can't touch this/
like ham and them/
i'm on autopilot/
sippin' pinot noir/
eatin' salaman/
(thuggin'?) wit Falaman the son of Marilyn/
chancelor with hope/
sharp like razor/
green like soap/
the simplest metaphors be the dope/
they stumblin' out of focus/
i spit that hocus pocus/
man this nigga's absolutely bogus/
ya cockroach flow is hopeless/
i'm on they ass like locusts/
in and out the studio/
the flow's unruly/
so my attack level is way higher than yugio's/
my defense level is in the trillions/
so if you wanna duel/
ya rocket betta be full up wit fuel/
cus when you get here/
i'll be on the stool/
crackin' (brews?)/
and you'll be tired from ya journey/
so how you think that you could ever burn me?/
man these whack niggas don't concern me/
bring out the gurnies/
and some of my attorneys."

Victory Is In My Clutches

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