Sad stories from the NYC public transporation cuts.

Cutting Bus lines, cutting Subway lines. New York City's public transportation system might seem impressive to a tourist, but it's the worst public agency I've ever witnessed in my lifetime.

The folks running this organization are pitiful excuses for capitalists. And that's a sad thing to be. If you're gonna be a capitalist, could you at least do it right? Oh wait, maybe stealing public funds and throwing it down the drain, and having administrators who don't even use public transportation IS "DOING IT RIGHT". My fault. I almost gave them too much credit. I'd actually prefer it they were f'ups. But alas, they are just thieves.

(NY Daily News) Last stop? Public hearing Wednesday night on MTA's hatchet plan: This spring, the MTA may eliminate Ebrahim's route along with five others in Brooklyn to cut costs, a move that would leave commuters scrambling.

"They'll cut my life," said Ebrahim, 78, who collected 100 signatures to keep the B75 running. "The train is completely out of my reach. I can't go up and down the steps. I get out breath and my knees and hips hurt.

"I'm hoping that they don't harden their heart and take away the bus, because I'd be lost without the bus." (continued)