Another Liberator for city council: Kenya McKnight

Fresh off the news that one Liberator co-founder was running for office (link), another is doing the same, in the same city, but for a different seat on the Minneapolis City Council. I'm happy to share the news that Kenya McKnight is now running for the 5th Ward City Council seat in Minneapolis. Kenya is an honest, humble girl-from-the-hood with a passion for community and for seeing her people take control of their economic and political destiny. Here's the letter Kenya sent out to campaign supporters this week [for more info email]:

Dear Neighbors and Friends, My name is Kenya McKnight; I am seeking the DFL endorsement for 5th Ward City Council. I have been a Northside resident for 23 of my 32 years. North Minneapolis is my home, it is my priority, and it will always be my priority. I want a strong community that works together for the benefit of all people! We can do a better job of providing for our residents and our families.

I believe that the concerns and needs of our neighbors should be given the same consideration as those of residents in other wards. I have devoted my life to public service; and I will bring a unique experience to the City Council that will offer new resources in addressing our challenges and planning for growth.

I am a Patrick Henry High School graduate who attended Minneapolis Community Technical College's Human Services Program. My background includes working for the 5th District Congressional Office of Congressman Keith Ellison, Camp Wellstone, Campaign adviser for State Representative Bobby Champion, MN A.C.O.R.N, The Public Policy Project, MCCD Business Careership, Northside Economic Opportunity Network, NCRC and The Minneapolis School System. All of which have provided me with the experience to address issues around social and economic justice, housing, government, education, poverty, youth violence and business development.

I am running for city council because it is my duty to help make North Minneapolis a better place to live. I have the passion, vision and ability to lead our community in the right direction. I strongly believe in the importance of community engagement in decision making. Recognizing the value of individual voices is what creates a strong community where citizens are engaged. I believe our greatest strength is our people and to become more prosperous:

*We need leadership that listens to the people, respects our community and that’s in touch with our needs.
*We must develop a vision that reflects the needs of our community and secure the resources needed.
*We must work to keep our dollars circulating in our community.
*We must focus on the long-range health of our community and not on short-term plans designed to provide quick benefits to developers.

The successful blend of sound financial management and investing in the social, recreational, and cultural needs of our residents makes for a thriving community. As City Council Member, I will work to improve the quality of life for 5th Ward residents while preserving the rich character of our neighborhoods. I will work to unify the various stakeholders in the 5th Ward for a better city and to improve the image of our community. I am committed to supporting environmental justice and preparing our community for the green economy. I will continue to build and promote our community as one of the best in Minneapolis to raise our families and grow our businesses.

My priorities are keeping our neighborhoods safe, our schools open, retaining our businesses, green jobs creation, foreclosure prevention and recovery, “Unifying” the community and better serving our most vulnerable members. My platform will center on three "core values" civic virtue, constituency involvement and community development. If elected, I will do my best to be fair and honest, to listen to all views and champion the interest of the community.

Our community needs a fresh voice. I would love the opportunity to bring vision and a new perspective on what can be done to improve our community. Please support me in my bid for City Council Member of the 5th ward by attending your precinct caucus and becoming a delegate to the 5th ward endorsing convention. Your precinct caucus is being held at North High School on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at 7:00 pm; doors open at 6:00 pm. Precinct caucus is the first stage to get through the DFL endorsement process. If you would like to contact me please call 612-483-3245 or email me at

Kenya McKnight

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