"Letters To B.I.G." [videos]

Right up there with "We'll Always Love Big Poppa". Almost brings me back to 1997. Jada did a good job on his verses. But, of course, because this is New York, everyone and they mama done jumped on this beat with their own "letter". The best in my opinion is this Lil Cease joint, after the continued.

I ran into this dude in Harlem who is originally from Bedstuy and said that he used to chill with Big. One thing he said that hit me, is that Biggie's mom is trying to "redeem" her sons image. This brother was telling me straight up, "yo Biggie wasn't even like that... he just like to drink, get money, smoke, f*** b***hes, and all that! That nigga wasn't about no books and none of that shit."

Of course, I understand why it might be hard for a mother to come to grips with that and portray it accurately, but still.

I like the Lil Cease joint because to me it's closer to that truth. No offense to Jada, cause his joint is nice, but it's really commercial and made-for-radio narrative, while Cease's joint really feels like a letter from a brother. I think that's a very interesting thing to keep in mind, especially in light of all the Biggie tribute articles.

In my humble little view, there's no need to make a martyr out of Christopher Wallace. Let him be in death who he was in life. And let us learn our lessons from THAT truth, not from some righteous image we want to paint of him now that he's gone.