Minute Man spends 30 days w/ illegal immigrants

Very interesting story about a Cuban-American Minute Man border patroller who migrated with his family to the U.S. legally, after the Cuban revolution, because his parents worked for a U.S. sugar company... spends 30 days with a family of illegal immigrants.

Of course that is interesting enough to watch. But I also think it's interesting how the young teenage girl in the family battles with trying to integrate into the American mainstream. I wonder what type of person she would be if she were granted asylum or amnesty tomorrow? Would she be a bourgeoisie Princeton graduate? Would she continue fighting for the rights of others who share her experience and who continue to suffer?

Then it's also funny to hear this Cuban-American immigrant be more nationalist about America than I, a man born in America, am. He appears as such a tragic character who is torn between his multiple identities, because he can't choose which one he wants to be most loyal to. America tends to LOVE confused people, because it can manipulate that confusion and use those confused people very effectively. House niggers, anyone?

His rant about the incompetence of Mexico's government is pretty hilarious to me. Especially because he seems to think that it's the fault of the Mexican people. So logically in his own mind, he sees the Mexican people as solely responsible for fixing their government -- after all, they are the ones who f**ked it up. Lost in all of that ranting of course, is the fact that the U.S. has been a conspirator in the failure of the Mexican government to be self-dependent. Imperialism, neocolonialism and, most recently, capitalist globalization.

The fundamental question here, if we're being logical, is, does a nation that rapes the world then have the right to tell the world that they are solely responsible for "getting over it" and fixing themselves? Or does the rapist have a responsibility to take part in the healing of its victims?

In my view, of course, I would answer yes. But how America-at-large and President Obama answer that question, will ultimately help determine America's fate and truly, for me, will determine whether or not America even deserves to continue to exist in its present form. All I got to say has been said already many times: the fire next time gon be very, very hot.