Pan-African Youth Summit at HU needs your HELP

Updated: We made some edits to this post after learning that Howard might sue the organizers if they used the Howard University name in their fundraising process. So in short, this is the deal:

The Pan-African Youth Summit "taking place on the campus of Howard University but not officially supported by Howard University" (that should make the lawyers happy) needs our HELP to ensure transportation for very important panelists. Student organizers are asking for financial help from their broader community (you and me) to help with any excess costs in ensuring the youth summit takes place and that all of the esteemed panelists -- notably, Mukasa Da Da (Willie Ricks), Diop Olugbala, Marimba Ani, and Dr. Jeff Menziseare -- are able to attend.

To donate to the cause -- any amount you can, even $1 -- please visit this link:

Now that we've protected the legal security of the organizers, I can of course still voice my suspicion that the problems that have "popped up" (no names are even necessary) are rooted in a larger ideological issue. As was shared with me, a "certain official" questioned the need and cautioned the organizers for having "revolutionaries coming on campus." That's no coincidence.

As the organizers have mentioned, it will be potentially devastating for them to not have these esteemed panelists attend. For those who can donate, the organizers will be able to offer you a T-Shirt and DVD on the summit.

Again, checks SHOULD NOT be made payable to the Howard University Student Association or Howard University. They need to be donated directly to the Pan-African Youth Summit event. If you cannot donate online at the link above, they are taking cash. If you would like to do a direct transfer please contact them at 803-664-1589. They can ensure you that this will be used for the summit and will provide bank statements, upon request.