Rocky Mountain News: The Final Edition

After 149 years and 311 days, the Rocky Mountain News published its last issue of the paper on February 27, 2009. In other news, Hearst Newspapers will close the San Francisco Chronicle unless it can cut staff salaries and Philadelphia Newspapers (owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer + Philadelphia Daily News) has filed for bankruptcy.

No offense but I think alot of these corporate media publications deserve to fail. When a company like Craigslist comes along with a grassroots business model... meaning a business model satisfied with NO GROWTH... these capitalists can't compete. And while I understand that the everyday reporters working for such publications aren't necessarily the die-hard capitalists themselves, they have eaten off the backs of the capitalists running the show for decades. In the new media world, I just don't see how traditional capitalist notions like that old one of unlimited "capital growth" can compete with a small efficient organization, run by a few dedicated individuals with heart, who are satisfied with their "capital growth" staying just where it is for the foreseeable future.

There's a difference between growing a publication, and growing the CAPITAL of a publication. The former is concerned PRIMARILY with seeing the publication succeed and grow in influence, channeling a majority of revenue directly back into the institution, while the latter is owned by a company whose PRIMARY concern is "capital growth" (aka PROFIT) in that bottom line to appease a series of executives, managers, shareholders, and/or owners. I, for one, think that model deserves to die. Sorry, but it's time.