Santogold forced to change her stage name.

This message, like my recent one regarding Charles Hamilton (link), is brought to you because I won't stand for internet-hype hyping up mediocrity as genius.

Everyone's favorite "so called post modern black rock girl that is really just a replica of white rock girls come before her", Santogold, has officially changed her name to Santigold.

She had to drop the "I" for the "O" because the real Santo Gold sued her. Before Santogold's marketing camp hacked Wikipedia, the real Santo Gold was described by Wikipedia as:

Santo Rigatuso/Bob Harris (born March 7, 1945), Baltimore-native and producer of "Blood Circus", a 1985 wrestling-themed science fiction movie promoted through infomercials for Rigatuso's mail-order "Santo Gold" jewelry business.

After Santogold's marketers' Wikipedia hack, the Wiki for Santogold, now says: "For the infomercial jeweler Santo Gold, see Blood Circus." But there are still references to "his" and the birth year for the entry's subject still reads as "1945", and I'm pretty sure Santigold wasn't born in the 40s.

Courtesy of us good folks at The Liberator (aka The Anti-Hype Machine), here's a link to some genuine black rockers with a genuine black rock girl, the German black-metal band, "Kudu":

And here's a video from "the real Santo Gold" dissin Santigold: