Update on Jamil Al-Amin (H.Rap Brown)

via email:

"Imam Jamil Al-Amin (Formerly H.Rap Brown) has been moved to what is known in prison as "the hole". He was strip searched and placed in a cell with no bed, no control over the lights and no shower. They have taken his Qur'an and all of his other personal property.

Please take some time contact the warden, and to get the word out to all of your contacts. We all need to write, call, fax or email Ron Wiley Warden ADX to inquire as to why Jamil Al-Amin has been placed in the hole. No information has been given as to why this transfer was made, but nothing could justify this inhumane treatment.

In the past when action has been taken by the public on Jamil Al-Amin's behalf, changes have been made that benefited him. Please remember to keep your correspondence brief and to the point, and avoid threats, rambling etc. We want positive changes to be made":

Warden Ron Wiley
USP Florence ADMAX
U.S. Penitentiary
PO Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226

phone: 719-784-9100
fax: 719-784-9504