Geronimo's grandson is suing the US Government

On Feb. 17, 2009, Harlyn Geronimo, great grandson of the legendary Apache warrior Geronimo, held a press conference to announce -- along with 19 other blood descendants of the "defender of the Apache homeland" -- a lawsuit against the US Government.

They seek to have Geronimo's body, now buried at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, returned to the ancient burial grounds of the Apaches. They are also pursuing a claim that in 1918, a group of Yale students, who belonged to a secret cult, the "Order of Skull and Bones," reportedly, invaded Geronimo's grave at Fort Sill, and "stole his skull." According to the press release for the event, one Prescott [Sheldon] Bush, the grandfather of ex-President George W. Bush, was part of the clique participating in the alleged "theft of the skull."

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark is representing the descendants of Geronimo in the lawsuit. The "Order of the Skull and Bones" and Yale U. are also named as defendants in the litigation. Geronimo died on Feb. 17, 1909, one hundred years ago.