The great debate in Harlem #4: Hip-Hop

I missed the 2nd [Is the Bible good for black folks?] and 3rd [Should NY state return the law license of Alton Maddox?] "Great Debates" (see those flyers after the continued), but I do plan to make this one. I think the debates have a lot wrong with them, but they are an excellent start towards a large consistent, authoritative, public discussion space in the community. Of course, we can't neglect doing the work to sustain the small discussion spaces as well though. Otherwise instead of a community getting together to discuss progress, it will just be a bunch of individuals getting in one room to hear people yell at each other.

As to what could be improved, I often get frustrated with the elders neglecting technology and communications and not having proper information resources available for us youngins. Can we get a website? The single most embarrassing thing about the first "great debate" in Harlem was the absence of young people. The old folks ain't going nowhere without us. We gotta do better about getting young folks in the building. And that means there needs to at least be a central source of information that doesn't involve calling someone on a telephone. Young folks don't call strangers.