Liberator on Howard University magazine panel

[2-day featured story]

I'll be representing The Liberator by speaking at the Cover To Cover Magazine Conference at Howard University this Sunday, March 29. Check our events calendar for more information about the conference.

I'll be on the panel titled "The Notebook/Cam-Payne" taking place in rooms 148+150 from 3:20pm until 4pm. Other speakers include Pharoh Martin (Giant Magazine), Chareeah Jackson (Essence Magazine), John Kennedy (King Magazine), and Maer Roshan (previous editor of Radar Magazine).

According to the brochure, "this panel focuses on the look of a magazine and the process it takes to put it all together. How do editors, designers and writers all work together to produce packages for print and for the web? How does a magazine stay fresh and original while covering popular things? The Cam-Payne part of this panel is about marketing yourself as a journalist. How should students go about building themselves up to stand out in the crowd? How can students who want to start their own magazines do so without investing a large amount of money and how do they promote it to gain a solid following that will stay around?"

I plan to blow the scene up. This should be interesting :)