Some images that my muslim auntie don't like.

My auntie in Tanzania sent me a few pictures this morning. She doesn't like them. I can tell because her comments were as follows:

"Really I don't understand this new generation of human, what they are turning into!"

And then:

"Whoever created these pictures Allah will punish them all and they will never ever live happy in this life!"

The former comment had to do with the images (below) of scripture tattooed on a woman's body, the latter comment had to do with the images of scripture on clothes and appliances, and the image of the woman having her hijab ripped from her by assaulters. See the rest of the images that made my auntie upset after the continued.

Personally, I think her commentary says more than enough. That she declares "a new generation of human" is profound, in my view. Something to chew on. I think I'd rather belong to the old generation of human. I'm not sure I like the direction that what my auntie calls "this new generation" is evolving in.