University lectures online, for free.

Measurements of Space and Time by Walter Lewin [Physics I: Classical Mechanics]

Kids, forget about college (I'm kidding, sort of)... but seriously, if you're looking to start your college lessons early, or if you never went to college and want a taste of that ivory tower of knowledge up on the hill (smell the sarcasm), or if you graduated and just miss falling asleep while some old person waxes poetic about various topics... just log on to and soak up the knowledge for hours and hours.

I can't say for sure if I'm the first to think this (probably not), but don't be surprised if the University Industrial Complex (that charges exorbitant fees for knowledge, essentially so professors can have leisure time to write books, and administrators can build their bank accounts and their resumes) goes the way of the Corporate Newspaper (hint hint: dead) in the age of the internets.

I can only see knowledge continuing to be liberated from gatekeepers (as long as the internets stay uncensored, that is). And, in my humble opinion, that's a great thing for the world. I'm not suggesting that the University is a failed concept, in fact, I think the concept of being sent away for a meditation on education is a great ideal. What I am suggesting is that the implementation of the University in 2009 is extremely corrupted and deserves to fail because it has failed to serve the masses. So, if competition from people willing to disseminate University level knowledge for free hurts your local University's bottom line, I say, yeehaw, ding dong the witch is dead, and all that jazz.