An intergenerational dialogue on black liberation.

Black Liberation In Conversation: An Intergenerational Dialogue

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Presented by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and Anarchist People of Color:

"This discussion brought together elders of the Black Liberation struggle to speak on the personal stakes, challenges and lessons of their years in the movement. The event featured a roundtable discussion among movement elders, followed by an intergenerational discussion with attendees."

Speakers included:
Cleo Silvers, Black Panther and Young Lord
Ashanti Alston, Black Panther/BLA and New Afrikan Anarchist
Masai Ehosi, Black Panther/BLA and New Afrikan Spear And Shield Collective
Brenda Stokeley, long-time Black revolutionary labor organizer
Sekou Owusu, President - Provisional Government/Republic of New Afrika