Interview w/ Messiah on Boys + Girls Club closings

(NBC Washington) The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington is planning to close four clubs and lay off staff to help cope with a $7 million budget deficit. It also plans to lay off 16 percent of its staff, impose 26-day furloughs and cut the pay of senior executives by 10 percent. In addition, the organization will sell four of its clubs. The organization has been hurt by the recession, which has affected government and private donations. Membership at its 22 clubs has also dropped as students abandon civic organizations for video games, sports and other activities. (source)

Live From Planet Earth alumnus, and homie, Messiah (yes, that is the name his momma gave him) was interviewed recently by NBC News in Washington DC to get his views on the closure of four clubs throughout the DC metro area. Peep the video, after the continued.