Little Brother watching Big Brother right back.

Wired Mag has a very interesting post up (link) that suggests that the power of citizen media (aka LITTLE BROTHER) can be the response of the masses to the increased fascist surveillance of BIG BROTHER (aka The State). As seen in this video above -- and in Oakland with Oscar Grant (link) -- sometimes Little Brother can prove that Big Brother is nothing but an emperor with no clothes.

And, the logic of the saying goes, once folks start to realize the emperor is just as poor as them -- and perhaps even more pitiful -- watch out.

This situation took place at the recent G20 conference in London that Obama went to. An innocent man was walking, pushed to the ground by police, then died soonafter due to heart complications that appear to have been caused by the police officer who shoved him.

The official story was: "[He] suffered a sudden heart attack while on his way home from work."

But this footage, aka Little Brother, broadens the situation for us and shows us a much more complicated picture. Perhaps much more complicated than Big Brother would have us observe and digest.