Look At This F***ing Hipster.

It's all a bit like Gangs Of New York, if you step back. That movie where you had white immigrants to America who'd been there for at least a few generations fighting against newer white immigrants, about who is "native" and who is an "immigrant". From the bird's eye view, the entire argument is retarded.

"Hipsters Under Attack Once Again, What’s Wrong With Cool Conformity?"

Hipster: "A person whose self-assumed coolness, individuality and importance surpasses their ability to see their conformity."

"Counterconformist: Someone who convinces themselves (and other counterconformists) that they are nonconformist by conforming to a set of fashions and sensibilities that run counter to those of the greater mainstream society."

These are all a few selections from some people's responses to the question, "what is a hipster?" Some folks [lookatthisfuckinghipster.tumblr.com] have taken it upon themselves to confront the Hipster phenomenon head on. Of course, dedicating an entire website to it is a bit self-righteous but, nevertheless, I find it interesting enough to share.

One of my favorite Silicon Valley blogs, Laughing Squid, in response, has taken it upon themselves to try and straighten out what exactly a hipster is (link). They asked folks on Twitter, and their own blog, for answers and they got back a few good ones, like the ones at the beginning of this post.

Then there's the Mastercard commercial where a "hipster" intentionally messes up his clothes before standing in line at the club:

And there's the picture of "hipsters" creating a sign protesting "hipsters" in their neighborhood:

In my opinion (link), Hipsterdom comes down to contentedness and satisfaction (link). Being a Hipster is simply like being a lair to me.

It's some thing that many of us do at least a few times in our lives, and some of us do regularly in our lives. But at the end of the day, we're all infected with the same disease to varying degrees.

Some of us recognize our infection and are working to purge it. Others embrace the infection. And still others who have the infection live in denial and don't want to even recognize the fact that they are infected to some degree, however small, just like the rest.

Being a hipster is a psychological phenomenon to me. It's what we are when we give in to the urge to consistently have "more" and "new". Those moments where we gag our voices of content and satisfaction and focus on the voice of vanity in us.

The white boys and girls in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (for example) aren't the only hipsters. They are just the extreme ones. The ones so caught up in "more" and "new" that they've made a competition out of being the newest and knowing or having the most. Theoretically, once you know everything there is to know and have all the newest stuff, there can only be irony.

Thus, hipsterdom is post-modernism to me in capitalist face paint. This idea that a human can be so aware of all perspectives and all events, and all art, and all patterns of life, and basically everything, that nothing is new under the sun anymore is pretty much what post-modernism is. The world is boring and tragic and the only bright spots are ironic commentary on just how boring and tragic the world is. It's a status created by vanity to make vanity sound interesting and prophetic.

Hipsterdom is that, just in the context of consumer capitalism.