A look into the mind of a real live cop killer.

3 police dead in Pittsburgh. Here's a look into the mind of the boy who killed them. If we're going to discuss cop killings more often (link), we better be clear about what type of human is killing them.

(New Pittsburgh Courier) Given what is known so far, Robert Poplawski appears to be the classic “ticking time-bomb”—expelled from high school and the U.S. Marine Corps basic training, ordered by the court to stay away from a girlfriend he physically abused, unable to keep a job and a hoarder of weapons who became a proponent of White supremacy doctrine.

It wouldn’t take much to set the 22-year-old off, and it didn’t. A fight with his mother on the morning of April 4 about his dog urinating in the house was enough. She called police, and according to the affidavit, asked them to “take his ass out of here.” Poplawski fatally shot officers Paul Sciullo II, Stephen J. Mayhle and Eric Kelly when they answered the call. They had no idea they were walking into an ambush because a 911 dispatcher did not relay her warning that he was armed to the teeth.

On April 6, the Anti Defamation League posted some results from an inquiry into Poplawski’s Internet postings and discovered a troubled young man who held “strongly anti-Semitic and racist beliefs.”

“This was a troubled young man who was deeply infected with anti-Semitism and racism and who bought into conspiracy theories about Jews and other racial minorities and the government,” said ADL Allegheny Regional Director Shari Kochman. “He was able to obtain confirmation of his views by sharing them with like-minded White supremacist sites and joining their online community of haters.”

The ADL investigation found Poplawski believed that the federal government, the media, and the banking system are all largely or completely controlled by Jews. He thought African-Americans were “vile” and non-White races inferior to Whites.

In late 2006 or early 2007, Poplawski posted a comment on Stormfront, the world’s largest White supremacist on-line discussion forum, showing off what he later called a “deliberately Americanized version of the iron eagle” tattooed on his chest.

About a year later he created a new account and placed posts such as, “Negroes especially have disgusting facial features. The fat nosed flaring nostril look is putrid. Nappy hair makes me want to gag.”

The election of Barack Obama to the presidency may have pushed him in a more violent direction as between November and March his Stormfront posts urged more confrontation telling his fellows to “take back our nation.”

Poplawski also frequented Infowars, the Web site of the “tinfoil-hat” conspiracy radio talk-show host Alex Jones. But Poplawski appeared somewhat disenchanted with their lack of Jew hatred, posting, “too many ‘infowarriors’ are surprisingly unfamiliar with the Zionists.”

In mid-March, Poplawski changed his Stormfront screen name from “RichP” to “Braced For Fate.” He last logged in to his account early on the morning of April 4 just hours before the shootings.

Kochman said though racial and ethnic minorities are the targets of supremacists like Poplawski, police often end up as their victims.

“This shooting underlines the danger of Internet hate sites, whose messages can provide solace to potentially violent individuals and even prompt a lone-wolf perpetrator into action,” she said. “The shocking murders of Officers Sciullo, Mayhle and Kelly are a terrible reminder of what can happen when extremists decide to violently act out their bigotry.” (source)