The Lost Tribes of New York City

So-called "Urban Anthropologists" [note: whomp whomp], Andy and Carolyn London -- in their own words -- "interview some of New York City's more overlooked citizens."

Watch the film, then let me tell you why this irks me, after the continued.

Done? Ok. Initially, the film was quirky and creative. I was like, "cool idea". But that is not enough.

Two things:

1) I am not cool with people putting together quirky nerdy shit and me heaping praise on them for being nerdy people. I refuse to participate, out of protest. Being a nerd is nothing that the world should thank you or me for. Shut up and just be nerdy. You are a TYPE of person, just like everyone else, perhaps you have a certain nerdy characteristic, but plenty of other humans have it too. So again, you are nothing that special. You are human. As am I. That is great. But neither of us are brilliant just because we have nerdy thoughts.

2) I'm baffled by how something like this can be seen out of context and so wildly and widely embraced. Here, you have a white married couple of NYC migrants (of which I too am, aside from being white and married) living in Harlem, who allow their egos to come up with a job description like "Urban Anthropologist". In their newly created roles that no member of the Harlem community asked them to play, they then venture outside and interview people on the street. Then they animate inanimate objects, add voiceovers of the interviews they captured, and voila! Oh! So URBAN! So chic! So post-modern!

While -- I FREELY ADMIT -- the video is a creative idea, when put in context, this type of stuff makes me want to puke -- not because the artists are doing their thing, but because the liberal community heaps praise on stuff like this, when in fact it is just a creative product from a nerdy culture vulture team. That, in itself, is fine by me. But when we start calling these people geniuses and screening their films at the TriBeCa Film Festival, instead of the million other overlooked projects out here that are stories told by the people actually IN THE STORY from day one, folks have crossed a line that I refuse to cross. That is all.