Mos Def "brain bullys" Jay, Wayne + Andre 3000

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I used to tell my boys, "All we got as human beings is 'feeling'". I remember how it felt to really get into the BlackStar album or Black on Both Sides. I'd be lying if I said I understood every lyric that Mos and Talib would weave in and out of their songs. From excerpts out of a Toni Morrison classic to symbolic places in the Quran, from Galilee to Giuliani, their poetry and knowledge seemed extensive.

Nonetheless, this stimulated my thinking and left me entertained by my own anxiousness to either instantly search for the meaning of something they said, or wait to eventually collide with the meaning some years or so down the road...reacting something like "Oh Shhhhiiiittt!" Although, I got the same feeling from Lupe's work, this general excitement doesn't happen all that often these days. Feel me? [part 2 of the video, after the continued]

"You dont have to understand it, you can feel it. The mind vibration is past understanding, its at whatever level of understanding that you are on, you can feel it."
~Mos Def