The ego needs fixin but not because of South Park

"The South Park episode did not make me have this ego epiphany! I actually only watched a piece of the episode which was funny. I've been working on myself for a while now, which is hard to do in the public eye. I just used this as a platform to express where my head is at."

And just like so, Kanye either silences the mistake of his ghostblogger or silences his own mistake which caused him to give South Park too much credit for his "ego epiphany". His diehard followers are already at his feet washing his sandals and boosting his ego some more. Commenters on Kanye's blog are already suggesting that this is just another example of good ol' superstar Kanye always "shaking the haters off".

However, I don't see anything in there that shows that Kanye's dope and vulnerable revelation -- about finding some sort of inner peace outside of his ego -- was a fake.

But maybe I'm on another planet. I can't help but feel like some folks are really on another planet of marketing or manipulation (or something) that I refuse to go to. I like humble little Earth just fine, thanks.

But seriously, all I can see is that Kanye doesn't want people to think that he had his revelation BECAUSE of the South Park episode. Don't say anything about him denying the revelation. As far as I'm concerned, it's the words and, more importantly, the emotions and thoughts conveyed by them, that are matter.

Who cares if the South Park episode was the cause of it or not.

I'm reminded of that film Devil's Advocate where Keanu Reeves plays a lawyer who shoots to stardom powered by an awesome ego. He then meets Al Pachino who is actually Satan incarnate. Pachino's character entices Reeves' character more and more with allures of grandeur. Reeves gives in. It all leads to an apocalypse ending. But Reeves wakes up and realizes its all a dream -- a REVELATION.

He takes his revelation and CHANGES his future based on the revelation. DEEP, right? lol!

But Pachino is still there as The Devil in his present reality (where he was just having a long daydream in) and decides to try another tactic. Because in this reality Reeves has overcome the original sin of wanting to be a top-notch lawyer by any means necessary, Pachino's Satan now decides to come back as an "objective" journalist who asks Reeves for an interview. Reeves hesitates. Pachino BEGS, PLEADS, and finally MAKES IT MORE ACCESSIBLE AND ACCOMMODATING.

Reeves gives in.

Pachino starts laughing, turns into The Devil and says, "vanity, my favorite sin."

The End.

I just hope brother Kanye -- imperfect as he may be -- makes the right choices for his own sake, is all.

I promise this will be the last thing I ever post about Kanye West ego issues. lol.