What we've come to: TV weddings

When I watch this, it makes me think that only at the peak of empire -- that moment on the rollercoaster when you're simultaneously at the top and on your way down -- could something like this be passed off as acceptable and even exciting to a citizenry. We in a age where some people who've bought into this programmed reality will do anything to be apart of the official program -- if only for nostalgia's sake 10 years down the line.

What else -- but the idea of showing your kids a tape of you getting married on the Osbourne's national TV show in front of a studio audience with hundreds of people -- would motivate someone to do this? If I was that dude I would've walked right off that stage -- right after I lectured ol girl about the sanctity of marriage. I mean what kind foundation is this setting? You had to make an ultimatum on national TV to get dude to marry you? Something obviously ain't right. I'm filing this in the "what we've come to" category.