Why do people twitter (twit, tweet)? [twitter]

Why do people twit? Do we think we are tapping into some evolved collective energy? Or are we just a disconnected and lonely generation?

In response:
BLACKsoulfulEYE said ""Twitter is an energy."

Brian Vickers said "Finally...............I'm not the only one to speak out on dat! I feel like we're BOTH the most "short attention span" and "I want attention"-driven based society ever!"

Dominique Cyance Suttles said "twitter is pretty wack ive had it for about a month now and im just not feeling it why not use facebook its way more useful and quick and makes more sense"

Thembi Mashinini said "I agree &also tht we r lonely disconectd wth ourselvs... I HATE TWITTER! somthn isnt rite bout it... Thn again fb holds the same undercurrent... Hhmm"

Esta Naomi Muganda said "lonely, nosy, in a rush, disconnected. Yep..Then again I don t like facebook any better.."

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