You are what you eat.

(Baobabconnections) Last week I visited an older statesman of great repute, a man who had done so much in his life and someone who is a role model to many of us. The only problem is that when I got to his house, he could not walk to the door to open it because he was unable to walk.

It was pretty strange and when I asked what was wrong, I found out that he had a severe case of what is known as gout. This is a painful type of arthritis that swells up your legs and makes you incapable of walking. Gout is usually prominent amongst older people in and it is caused by consuming too much roasted meat and beer.

On a regular, a man eating roasted meat and drinking beer looks like he’s having a great time – it does not equate to not being able to walk. This instigated me to think about our lifestyles and what we put in our bodies. While many of us may think that we are pretty young to worry about our health and what we eat but the revelation I got from visiting my older friend was that visit is that we all become what we eat. For a great man to be reduced to such helplessness just because he did not watch his diet is completely absurd. I’m sure if he had known what he knows now he would’ve reduced his fat intake.

Our bodies are like large sponges that soak in everything we eat - the good and the bad. Good food will give us a fulfilling life, while the bad will eventually kills us. As a young person many of us are introduced to foods that do not do us much good. Most times we think that fried chicken, pizza, soda, burgers, fries, barbeque, sweets, steaks, pork chops is great food but the truth is its all junk and clearly harmful to our bodies. The only taste and look good but there is no way all that high cholesterol greasy is good for anybodies body.

Obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension and diseases result from a long history of consuming harmful junk. It may look good but it’s just a whole lot of dirt that’s stored in you in preparation for a future disaster. Your liver is not designed to turn unnatural sugar into vitamin C thus treating all that sugar that we consume into extra fats that are stored around our heart clogging up our blood flow and messing your breathing. You body is under constant panic and fights back for a couple of years if you are lucky. Later on it explodes into cancer and diabetes. Simply put, eating fast food is gambling with your life.

Funnily though, if you are not very informed about food you would think that the food we see everyday is the best there is to offer. And the media doesn’t help the situation because they keep glorifying these filthy foods. Each to his own, but the best way to eat if you need a longer life is organic foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables and leans meats are what you need in your diet. Eat brown rice, brown pasta and brown bread for starch they have less sugar and fat. Drink green tea as there is a substance in it that slows down caffeine into our bodies.

Our bodies are very delicate and complex. By eating organic foods we can balance our bodies’ operations. The more natural the foods the more they help us grow, breathe better and also make us less hungry. The high amounts of starch that we consume everyday make our bodies work overtime which then makes us lazier, our bodies age faster and we are more susceptible to disease and other ailments. You are what you eat. Next time you are about to order that fat-filled chicken with fries and soda think about what that junk could mean to your future. (source)