Does Obama camp watch these vids?

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Nothing new.

The realest quote Obama said was at the end of his first 100 days "Government can only do so much"... and toward the unethical corporate executives, "You know, I can't just go in there and make them stop". So where does that leave the people?

I watched a vid over the weekend where someone was ridiculed for questioning the government's response to rush $1 Billion from congress after hearing of one child swine flu related death, while the police brutality and inner-city epidemic is consistently taking more lives of low middle-class people. Why the lack of interest to rush funds to find ways to assess that?

If this still doesn't let peoples know what time it is, I don't know what will. Last year, I read an article that stated almost 90% of fatalities from police brutality consist of the police force having some prior knowledge of the victims. That didn't really make sense to me until shorty in this video mentioned how prior to the victim's death, the cops knew him by name (peep 3:57)..."They targeted him from the beginning, because they knew he was the dude over here...alot of people respected him, everyone loved him and you can't say that about a lot of people"

Cops came out with the riot gear to the vigil. I'll be rolling over in my grave fam. Disrespect. Im confident they knew what they were doing. Cops live for the exclamation point... like the girl getting arrested in the last police crime post after her pops was in a seizure (see Robert McFarland of Lincoln Park Police Department).

Jordan Towers is this white dude of World Star Hip Hop fame...he was like, "I dont want my cam getting messed up or anything"...shitting his pants fam. He was there though, he could've jetted, so big ups to dude, cos if it was me, they would've been took the baton to my Panasonic. Real talk. "But officer Im just docum-- But Im just a Howard Stu-- ....Ah! my nose! my camera!"

Nothing new. Chief Wiggims pacing on the cell in the background, instructing the shepherds and fire hose support to stand by.

Is that Pac at 6:33? dam, like a scene in a movie. Need I say more.

You kind of gotta be literally sleeping to not know what time it is.