Desired segregation?

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WHY?: I've never been to Martha's Vineyard myself, not really sure if that would change some of my thoughts about what's said in this [article]. Does achieving a certain level of socioeconomic status cause disconnect (either chosen or natural) from one's own race, when his/her race is a minority? When that disconnect happens are we really reconnecting back to our race/culture/community when we only connect to those who were disconnected or did we just create our own sub-community? Sure having a community of people who understand you and share your values is crucial, but when it becomes a sub-community separated from those who are part of your origin (the foundation from where the sub-community began) are you creating a larger gap and no longer connecting to anyone but yourselves? Those are some of the questions that come to mind while reading this [article] from New York Magazine.

Sorry if I began to get on a little bit of a existentialist rant, but this was quite interesting and got me to thinking. I would love for our Liberator community to do the same (and share those thoughts in the comment section).

Also interesting that the folks here (or maybe just one in particular) feels that Obama doesn't represent him, "He doesn't seen to identify with affluent black people" and well... his views on his wife kind of speak for itself... "His wife definitely doesn't; she is basically a ghetto girl."

There are more intriguing thoughts and comments within the [article]. Just something for the Liberator Community ponder and talk about. I like to hear us sharing our opinions and thoughts, read the [article] and share your thoughts let's have a little bit of a dialogue, no?