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"Childhood Was Like" | by Joseph Adams
Together – we were born the third and fourth kids. Problems at birth - so we were separated. Divided home now because Pops split. Now we just have momma to hold the house down.

I remember when the city social workers came around. No food in the fridge so to the food shelf is where we walked now. Didn’t have a car so got a ride or took the bus down.

Ashamed every time I went to the corner store with the food stamp book. Especially when the cute neighborhood girl paid cash for her Now N’ Laters and 50 cent soda. “I got that work,” is what you heard while leaving. Large bulges seen through the pockets of drug dealers the same age as me. The cute neighborhood girls’ eyes light up – and he gets the girl… Damn!!! The street life was so tempting.

But, I don’t want to be a product of my environment? I could look into her eyes and tell when she was late with the rent. Money is what I needed to get. But all I could hear is the voice of my mother, “Boy, don’t you bring that mess in my house.” I also thought of the ass whoopin’ I’d get if I did.

We were starving – and all we’d hear was momma praying and saying, “God will provide.”

Tired of hearing it because I wasn’t seeing it. In my neighborhood there was so much cash to get.

But I could only witness it from my bedroom window. Across the street, I was fascinated by the pimps with their fancy cars and beautiful hoes. Countless shoot-outs in broad day light and no one ever told. These are the streets to which I was exposed.

I always had visions of the good life, yet it seemed so far from where I lived. But on those nights when we got to crab legs and shrimp because we got more food stamps than usual – I felt like that good life I desired, was possible.

Then it was back to fried bologna sandwiches the next day. And back to the words that momma would pray. She told us to “just have faith.”

Wait – another set back, the lights go out. “Go ask the neighbor if we can run this extension cord through their window.” “God, why me?” I’d shout! I’m waiting a month now for the answer. The lights are still out.

“How can she smile through all of this?” “How could she not ask for help?” I had thoughts of robbing people myself. But in the back of my mind I kept hearing mom praying, I kept hearing mom saying…..

And now I’m living the good life I’ve always desired

"Have You Ever Wondered?" | by Joseph Adams
Have you ever wondered?
That’s a great question,
Have you ever wondered why we’re here?
Do you know who you are and what you represent?

Why we’ve never been told that we were the original founders of the “New World?”

Why haven’t we been taught that the Natives, Mexicans and Blacks were all Brothers and Sisters In America before Columbus?

Have you ever wondered?...

Have you ever wondered why Black History only starts with Slavery?
And not in Ancient Africa and America?
Why haven’t we been taught our HISTORY as apposed to “HIS–STORY?”
I would like to know MY-STORY. But why do they call it a “MYSTERY?”
I want to know about our African Kings and Queens.
Haven’t you ever wondered?
I can’t be the only one...
I want to die and be reborn to see the construction of the Great Pyramids.
To dwell in the presence of my True self.
To breathe the air of my Ancestors.
To be King - Would I have been one?
Have you ever wondered?
How were the Moors forced into Slavery?
Who were the original Hebrews?
Have you ever wondered what your real name is?
Have you ever wondered what color Jesus is?
Is that even his real name? Yashua maybe?
Does he not have hair of wool and feet of brass?
Why was he crucified?
Why haven’t we been taught about the other Gods born on December 25th?
Like Horus, Dionysus, Attis, Krishna, and Mithra?
Why is Easter celebrated sometimes in March and sometimes in April?

No one can die and resurrect on two different days, in two different months, right?

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?
How did the murders of the Natives become a Holiday?
Have you ever wondered what happened to the Lost City of Atlantis?
Is that what caused it to rain for forty day and forty nights?

I want to know if you’ve ever wondered?

Why were all of our Black leaders and organizations destroyed with no explanation?

Have you ever questioned what you’ve learned in school?
Why does the word “school” or “sheol” means “Hell” in Greek?

Why did the Christian Crusaders raid countries, killing you and me to make us believe?

Why do they tell us that George Washington was the first President of the United States, when he was actually the NINETH?

How is he declared “Father of this Nation,” when he OWNED HUNDREDS of slaves?

What does that say about this “great” country?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live in a Peaceful and Loving Africa?

Why is it referred to as the “Promise” or “Mother” Land?
It sounds like Destiny to me.
I long for the day to be reunited.
Have You Ever Wondered?
Where TRUTH Lies?
I’m just wondering...

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