A new (and improved) Liberator forum.

{liberatormagazine.com announcement}

Good news: We've just completed updating our new [forums]. Split into Public and Private sections, the former will be a place where folks can discuss and build on various general topics.

The Private section, however, will be a place where we really share some serious resources: jobs, education, and studio space opportunities for artists; domestic and foreign housing + travel opportunities; food resources; and more.


Look for the private section to expand to listing all kinds of job and education opportunities, not just for artists. Think of it as a sort of craigslist for Liberator-folk.

Times is hard and now's the time to get together.

You can't just join the private forums, however. You'll need to be invited. How do you get invited? Well, first you'll have to create an account for the forum. Then, start building a reputation for yourself with other Liberator-folk in the real world, or online by posting topics to the public forum and/or commenting on the blog. Make sure you're consistent with your name/user-name though, so we can associate your name with your reputation.