Capitalism: A love story (+ Detroit black flight) [film]

In his latest film, Michael Moore provides a pretty good snapshot of why capitalism has failed American people -- looking back as far as the 70s for compelling evidence. The only missing element is a longer historical picture. But it's for a mass audience, so I understand. I don't know if Moore is becoming a paid sideshow or not but, judging from public reaction to his films, he inspires and educates. I'll be honest, I was choking up at some of the stories in the movie. With or without Moore, the stories stand on their own and I'm glad they're being told.

Excerpt: "I've become all the more agitated, especially with what I've seen and with having a peak behind the curtain. Having the life I do, working in an industry that's owned by major corporations. [Moore's film is distributed by a unit of Liberty Media, whose CEO John Malone is a formidable capitalist.] Just a couple weeks ago, the film was going to debut in the Toronto Film Festival in the Elgin Theatre. Visa sponsors the theater, so during the festival it's called the Visa Screening Room. So they had [the film studio] call me to ask, Is there any reference against Visa in the movie? And this is while they're still deciding whether to put the movie in the festival."

[Also: 'Black flight' the new 'white flight' in Detroit?]

Capitalism Is Anti-Jesus
(SOURCE: Money)

[...] Some people say to me, democracy is not an economic system, it's a political system. My answer to that is, you think capitalism has nothing to do with politics?

Let's quit talking like we're back in Economics 101. Capitalism is not only an economic system that legalizes greed, it also has at its foundation a political system of capitalism that is, "We have to buy the political system because we don't have enough votes. We're only 1% of the votes. We have to buy the people, and we have to buy the people by convincing them if they work hard, they too can be rich one day." [Americans] have gone along with it for the last 30 years. [...] (source)