I Love My Hair

"The only regret I have with going natural is that I didn't do it sooner."

"You can call my hair kinky, coily, curly, whatever. It's mine, it's me and I love it."

"I went natural for me and my daughter. I wanted to be an example of self love."

{all images © Andrea Pippin}

When I first saw these bold, colorful prints, I couldn't help but smile. It seems like only yesterday I had to endure schoolyard teasing from white and black people alike for wearing my hair natural, whether in Afro or loc form. (And sometimes I still hear it, although it happens much less frequently now. Thank Jeebus, Allah, Yahweh and Buddha for that.) And in a year where one can read Newsweek and see [Black woman declare a four-year-old Black girl's afro "a hot mess"], seeing these quiet celebrations of natural hair is immensely gratifying.

From the creator: "In 2008, I, Andrea Pippins created I Love My Hair for a thesis project in grad school. Originally a campaign to encourage African-American women to love and embrace their naturally coily hair, I Love My Hair evolved into a brand that celebrates those special coils through art and design. To learn more about the inspiration behind my work please visit my blog Fly or shoot me an email if you have questions."(source)