Fred Hampton Jr. on Derrion Albert and Chicago politics

"Non-Independent People Don’t Make Independent Decisions": Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. Speaks on Derrion Albert, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Media Propaganda (Part 1)

Original Interview Date: October 13, 2009

Liberator Magazine: Could you tell us a little bit about the climate in Chicago at this time—since his death took place a couple of weeks ago—we just wanted to know what’s the feeling among the people since the incident?

Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.: We’re clear that we have to do a lot of damage control as far as the propaganda that’s been put out by the media. So, this case with Derrion Albert—who was tragically beat to death—has been utilized by the ruling class, United States government, City of Chicago as propaganda to help call for martial law, the national guard, as well as help contribute human resources to the same policy that helps the same institutions who stood side by side with Richard Daley (who is the current mayor of Chicago) when he implemented programs such as Renaissance 2010. And this is a major program that is responsible for the death of Derrion Albert and so many youth not only in the Chicago schools but in the general community. In fact we see the death of Derrion Albert and those who are responsible as Gangster Daley, Arne Duncan—National Secretary of Education, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools—as well as other officials in the City of Chicago.

Liberator Magazine: Okay now... could you elaborate on the situation with Mayor Daley. He is the mayor of Chicago and you mentioned that he is involved in some other aspects that people probably are not aware of.

Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.: I can give you a little background on the history of Chicago. Frank Sinatra said Chicago was his kind of town and he meant that “gangster-gangster”…the whole politics of the infamous Daley Machine. The Daley Machine became infamous with that of his father, retired mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley Sr. In fact, he is credited with things such as helping put John F. Kennedy in office in fact, Daley was referred to as the “King Maker.” And the Daley machine was so Machiavellian that when Dr. King came to Chicago, Daley had Negro preachers denounce King when he came to Chicago. And it’s a machine that has the ability to put up a fa├žade or front of freedom. Many people brag about in the 1960s, how Chicago had William Dawson [1st Black Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and one of the 1st Black Congressman] however, at [our] expense. There are reported cases where they were literally giving chickens to voters to come out in support of whoever Daley acknowledged, or whoever Daley pinpointed we should support. The Daley Machine had a close relationship with the University of Chicago, the same University of Chicago that created the nucleus for the Atom Bomb, and also implemented the Woodlawn Experiment. I want to make a special note about the Woodlawn Experiment—this was a tactic created in the 1960s with such entities as the University of Chicago, Sears & Roebuck, First National Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation and over $100 million cold cash money to be used for what was referred to as street gangs however, these were the youth. The fiscal agents, who the money went through, were people such as Rev. Arthur Brazier, Rev. Leon Finney. Simultaneously the Chicago police dressed up like the disciples and did drive-bys on the Stones head quarters and they created a crime epidemic which drove the property value down, and allowed the University of Chicago to gain all of that property.

Fast forward to today to the situation with Derrion Albert, contrary to what has been put forward about these students starting a riot and fighting each other, there are individuals such as Arnie Duncan (who has recently been rewarded for work he did with Renaissance 2010) and elevated to the National Secretary of Education by U.S. President Barack Obama. Renaissance 2010 was a program implemented in Chicago where on the West Side of Chicago they took African students out of Crane H.S. and then literally forced them [out of their own schools]. This situation with Derrion Albert…we have testimonies, from youth who literally called the Principal—Principal Dozier—and the Administration came outside, and seen what was going on, what was happening, and literally went back inside the school and locked the doors. We did a lot of broadcasting of the video tape of two marked Chicago police cars sitting outside watching this go down with Derrion Albert. It was known throughout the community that this was going to go down prior to it happening.

And just to give you some background information; Altgeld Gardens is an area on 130th and Eberhart, a south suburb of Chicago—they built this as a sub-community, it basically had its own stores, own programs. They shut all the institutions down inside of the Altgeld Community, and they took the school—Carver High School—and they made it a military academy and they also simultaneously implemented what they call “selective enrollment.” So only a few people from the Altgeld Gardens community were able to go there. And then they bus in, and they continue to do this to this day, they bus Mexicano and white youth into the school to replace the African students. Then they took the children from Carver, and they knew—they did studies—they knew there was a history of a riff between the community of Altgeld Gardens and students in the area they call “The Ville.” They took the children from Altgeld Gardens and literally bused them to Fenger H.S., again they had selective enrollment that deprived them of going to a school in their community.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, at the funeral, literally called for the National Guard to be brought into the community of Chicago. And at the funeral—I had to walk up out of the funeral because it was like an award ceremony—for theRon Hubermans…remember these names I’m telling you too…who is the head of Chicago Public Schools, and other individuals who played a role in Renaissance 2010. It’s kind of like going to a vigil at a gas chamber in Nazi Germany and then you’re acknowledging Adolf Hitler and the rest of the SS army. The obituary even goes as far, on the back, to acknowledge Mayor Daley. So again, the Daley Machine has the blood of Derrion Albert and so many youth, on its hands. That’s why we’ve been out there doing real deal conflict resolution, the POCC has a campaign—Safe Zones—where we go out and deal with the contradictions in the community, not call for the State to resolve the contradictions because we’re clear that the State is responsible for setting the contradictions up.

And there has been a lot of the propaganda surrounding the whole case that they use to put out an image of Chicago regarding the crime rate. And it’s similar to what they did in Oakland, where the History Channel did a piece about the Oakland gangs. Anyone that knows Oakland knows that Oakland, unlike L.A., doesn’t and has not had a gang situation. But the point is it justifies the call for the Black Water Security firm to be placed over California. And I also have to point out, especially in relation to Philadelphia, that the superintendent of the Chicago Police Jody Weis—who is “former FBI”—when he was in Philadelphia, Philadelphia was the number one crime city throughout the country. Now that Jody Weis is the Superintendent of the Chicago Police, now Chicago is the crime capital of the country. So, you know, we need to start thinking…you know we see what the criminal psychologists stated. When you go to a crime scene, first thing you got to look for is who benefits—again you have to see that these are not just “senseless” murders. They make a lot of sense to the University of Chicago, they make a lot of sense to Richard M. Daley, it makes a lot of sense to Superintendent Jody Weis, as well as the rest of these powerful cats who literally stood side by side with Mayor Daley and Arne Duncan, Paul Vallas, when they implemented Renaissance 2010.

I’m talking about this stuff was planned, it was laid out, similar to what went down with the Daley Machine in the ‘60’s. They had the Chicago 21 Plan, where they built what they call the projects. Chicago had the longest strip of public housing up and down State Street. The University of Chicago literally made a plan with rats on top of each other to see how long we can put these rats on top of each other, to create chaos and confusion amongst each other. And simultaneously take away the resources, the stores, the institutions out of the community, take away the programs and janitorial services so on and so forth. This slaps in the face this logic that people say “Black people came in the projects and messed them up.” No, when there were white people still living in the projects there were programs and services in there and when Blacks moved over there they strategically took away the programs and services and they set up a crime epidemic. And we say that anyone, anyone that believes that Mayor Daley and the Chicago Police are trying to stop the crime problem believes Don King wants to stop boxing.

The other thing is that there is an economy, there is a livelihood based on us killing each other. I want to stress this—all eyes need to see the situation in Chicago because Chicago is a city where George Bush (previous U.S. President) said Mayor Daley was the most powerful mayor in the country. The whole Obama Administration, they’re all Daley players, I’m talking about Rahm Emmanuel, his Chief of Staff, David Axelrod, Arnie Duncan—again Arnie Duncan was the major player for Renaissance 2010 he has been elevated to a national level so they can put these programs down on a national level. And other people like Paul Vallas, who played a key role with Renaissance 2010 being later moved to Philadelphia. You can chase this trail of tears. After Philadelphia, he’s now in New Orleans, Louisiana, creating devastation in the schools in New Orleans. And one of their tactics is playing the communities against each others. That is what’s happening in New Orleans, in Altgeld Gardens…literally in Altgeld Gardens you see every day bus loads of Mexicano and white children coming to the schools and Black children are not allowed to go inside the schools and they are dumped inside a different high school.

Liberator Magazine: As far as the actual incident itself, as far as the unfortunate murder of Derrion Albert—who was 16-years old—in a melee (and there are four youth who were charged with first degree murder at this point); are there any other details that have come out that you know of aside from that? You mentioned that you have testimony of there being two marked police cars there at the time of the melee?

Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.: Yes, we also have testimony from one of the individuals who is locked up, his mother has not been able to go visit her son or see her son. She has documented proof that her son was with her: he was no where near the situation that happened at the high school. They made mass sweeps, locking up brothers and sisters, so we were on that case also. We had people inside the Cook County Jail—some brothers that were locked up down there—they were saying that the two that are charged as adults, they have them isolated. So we have been pushing for this one mother to be able to go see her child and also to move further with the peoples’ investigation with the trumped up charges that were given. And also the terms, take a look at the terms that Superintendent Weis has been using as well as other city officials. They’re using terms like “operative,” “intelligence,” I mean they’re not talking about youth, you hear these terms like “operation” with Afghanistan or Iraq. These are children that live in Chicago and the terms that they are utilizing and they’re saying…and if you ask a city official, well how long has this been going on, so on and so forth, they say we can’t go into details with that. Gangster Daley, who is fighting for the Olympics to come to Chicago, he was able to get President select Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and so many other star-spangled slaves to go across seas and have a call for the Olympics in Chicago. I don’t know how familiar you are with the whole history, but the people refer to Daley as the Teflon Don, because everybody where I am seems to get locked up and you don’t see them at all. Even the governors, one governor is facing prison and another governor is locked up, and the irony is because they have issues with Gangster Daley. Governor Ryan is locked up right now. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to incorrectly access this—really this is a battle amongst gangsters. But the Daley Machine, the role it plays along with the policies it is able to implement has far reaching—not only national but international—ramifications. This whole thing, they’re pushing for this term called “Urban terrorists,” using the Negro press such as WVON radio which is dubbed the Black radio station to call these children “urban terrorists” which justifies implementing further attacks on our youth in particular and our community in general.

Liberator Magazine: On October 7th two members of the Obama Cabinet came and met with Richard Daley and some of the school officials and parents. And the Attorney General Eric Holder called the event a “stark wake up call” to every American who saw or heard it. It seems as though he’s trying to portray the video [of Albert’s killing] as a wake up call to America, that this is somehow something that America should pay attention to outside of all of the other things that are going on.

Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.: Let me say, first, that they are not even showing the entire video. Second, I want to point out they met in the Four Seasons Hotel, which is an upper-class, elite, top-of-the-line hotel. They met in the back halls of City Hall with Gangster Daley and reeled in their “chosen spokespersons” one in particular, Rev. Pfleger or Pastor Pfleger. This is the same Pfleger —a lot of people will take issue with this because he’s the great white hope—that when we, in response to a case involving Freddy Latiece Wilson who was shot 25 times by Chicago Police, when we took that case on and we exposed that case, Daley acknowledged and said okay there are some problems with the Chicago Police but if you have any problems talk to “Michael” about it. And he was referring to Michael Pfleger. This is supposed to be our designated spokesperson that Daley, the one who is responsible for the attacks that are killing you, says “this who you go talk to when you have a problem.” They invited a lot of their other safe, “responsible” leaders to come in. That’s really what it was, similar to the funeral, it was show, they went to the Four Seasons and acknowledge that they came in and said they were doing all funding for the group Cease Fire. And the usual people that they have a relationship with. As far as the meeting with the parents, that’s propaganda, there was no meeting with the community. Matter of fact, even a lot of the safe Negros and the safe sposkespeople were very upset about how they were played and how they didn’t get to meet with the U.S. Attorney General.

It was also programmed so that Arne Duncan is talking about having everything resolved—you talking about someone returning to the scene of the crime—this Arne Duncan is the same one that set it up and then will come back and tell you how to deal with it. I mean that was a literal slap in the face to the community.

One time a brother asked, he said “Chairman, you ask us to protest when the police do this and that, what about when situations happen in the community when people engage in criminal activities themselves?” I said “We deal with it: we just don’t have press conferences about it.” We also just listen to what the Black Panther Party said, differences among the people are reconcilable and differences between the people and the state are irreconcilable. We also are conscious of the fact that all police don’t wear uniforms. I’m saying that to say: we acknowledge that right now in the South Side of Chicago, [there are] known informants. You have a case in Englewood right now, today; one informant was on America’s Most Wanted. He was locked up…he got back out on the streets before the commercial came on. He was found in situations where everybody around him gets locked up. Nicky Barnes—people think he was just playing a role—this Negro worked for the government. All this stuff about he was lucky—nonsense. This guy was a rat from day one, he worked for the state so we have to be very careful: Non-independent people don’t make independent decisions. Marcus Garvey said “When poverty comes in the front door, a lot of times morality leaves out the back window.” These young sisters don’t say, “When I grow up I want to be a prostitute,” these young brothers didn’t say “When I grow up I want to start slinging cocaine.” It’s a forced economy, we got cats on the corner slinging cigarettes, this ain’t no independent decision they made. This set up is designed. Politics make strange bedfellows, you’d be surprised who’s in bed with whom. Oprah Winfrey posted a wanted picture of Assata Skakur on her TV show, she donated $40,000 to a super max concentration camp. Daley at one point, was going to appoint her to Obama’s vacant seat.

There was a situation one time, Rev. James Meeks, he’s a Senator also. He has a church up here, a big megachurch. Now, one time he referred to these children as “urban terrorists,” we marched up into that church Sunday morning and we told him: “You can give these grown folks in here all the Jim Jones Juice ya’ll want to give them, but when it comes to these children and these people out in the streets that’s our office out here man, we’ll be here to see you about that.” So we gotta step when these Bill Cosbys, these overnight poverty pimps come out to speak for the community. We are in the community: we’re out here every day. I’m not just talking in February, Black History Month. I’m not just talking about during election time. I’m talking about we say the streets is our office, our work hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we will not allow these forces who come along that can see everything wrong with Black folks, the youth and the people in general. But they’re all forgetting the Frank Rizzos, Gangster Daleys, Wilson No-Goodes, and the rest of these criminals. And what it is…it’s not based on a frame of reference of morality or right or wrong. It’s based on a vested interest, a lot of people have stake in this system that see the people as the criminal. We know there are some contradictions out there in the community. We deal with those contradictions. In Chicago, the Black Panther Party existed all but for 18 months, even by the federal government’s own records there was a record low of what they call “black on black crime.” The work that the POCC is doing out here, I’m not just talking about Chicago, Oakland, Brazil, they’re mobilizing…the people are involved in programs for their own interests.

In Columbine -- where the kids had the shooting spree -- you don’t see them talking about turning guns in, you don’t see them calling for Marshall Law in their own community. What you’re seeing, Negroes like Slave Z, a lot of people call him Jay Z, these punks come out to benefit concerts to help the victims of Columbine. What you see is Slave Z donate money to the wives of the police killed in September 11th. What you see is these people out there sympathizing with other people. Similar to when I was locked up -- I was in a cell with this brother -- they showed real deal footage of Rwanda, thousands of Black bodies, bodies swole up, this brother did not flinch he had no response. Five minutes later, a movie came on called the Diary of Anne Frank, about acts committed in Nazi Germany, this cat cried like a baby. What is wrong with you that you can see Anne’s film but you don’t see what this is?

So these are the same people who come out and attack the people, but when it comes to the system they are all forgiving. Colin Powell gave orders to drop a bomb in Panama that literally burned 40,000 bodies alive. Obama side by side with this Gangster Daley, and the policies he along with the University of Chicago implemented in our community. When it comes to these children, or our people, they always can see what’s wrong with us. Our standards don’t come from no white folks indirectly or directly. We know what the position is in our community. We say again: a non-independent people don’t make independent decisions. We know that these children didn’t make a decision to start slinging no crack. We didn’t go to find no crack, crack came and found us.

One Brother told me when I was locked up, “Chairman the reason we can hear you man is you call us out on certain contradictions and the issues between different street tribes and in the community and we listen to you man because we know you don’t bite your tongue when the warden come around here.” See these young brothers and sisters, they might not be able to articulate it but they’re very intelligent. Basically these cats come out here, I’m talking about Bill Cosby and them, we checked them when they came to Chicago. When they come out saying something was wrong with you, that you should put on your shirt the right way, that your hair is braided the wrong way. When it comes to these gangsters, when they come and strip your brother naked in the street, when they come and kick in your door and make your mama pull her baby’s pampers down, they can see all this and still walk away. You know what I’m saying... they can respect the U.S. President, of one of the most powerful countries in the world that can call a session with a local policeman who has disrespected this other Negro who has more degrees then a thermometer. And he can call them to the White House and have a beer session with them but can’t say nothing about the Black community. They can accept a U.S. president who on father’s day goes to church and he says everything he can bad about Black folks. The first thing that comes out of his mouth, when he goes to Africa and comes up out of the slave castle, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is Buchenwald concentration camp in Nazi Germany.* You have white folks from Peace Corp sitting down with Black folks standing up in the back waving flags. Why don’t these people call him out, or say anything about Obama with that?

*On June 3, 1936, the Inspector of Concentration Camps, SS General Eicke, proposed to transfer the concentration camp of Lichtenburg to Thuringia. The field of Ettersberg was officially chosen on May 5, 1937 and on July 16, 1937, the first 300 prisoners arrived in the camp (at this time, the name of the camp was "Konzentrationslager Ettersberg"). On August 6, 1937, the name of the camp was changed to Konzentrationslager Buchenwald (Buchenwald Concentration Camp).

Special thanks to Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. and his mother, Mrs. Akua Njeri for their assistance with this interview.

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