The Liberator 9.1: Reflections, Distribution

It wasn't a precise moment, but rather an aggregation of multiple events that made us realize that we would eventually need to pause for a brief moment of reflection with the launch of this, our first double cover issue. I can name several that stand out (i.e. prompted a flurry of staff e-mails): The recent subscription request from Kuwait was one, as was the news that we just secured South Africa and Tanzania as our newest international distribution points -- thanks to some organic connections. Of course, there are also the residual sentiments from realizing that esteemed writer Mukoma Wa Ngugi (Mukoma Wa Ngugi?!?!), son of the Kenyan legend Ngugi wa Thiong'o, would be blessing our pages ["The Africa That Pushes Back" p. 8] right alongside Deanna Adams ["The Minority School of Law," p. 11], who has never been published before.

There's Robert Trujillo's first Liberator cover illustration ... the talent of Valerie Caesar ... the poignancy of Bro. Bryan Wilhite ... to name a few. Going back even further, the second we realized that we were really about to do a double cover -- the equal-parts humility and brilliance that went into the crafting of the "Ujamaa" cover piece; and the organization, vision, love and life (literally) that went into curating the new Style section from photo shoot to finish -- gave us pause.

But these are not isolated moments. Thanks to the commitment of the editors, writers and artists; the distributors and coordinators; the photographers and stylists; the readers and commentators, the sponsors, the mamas and papas and brothers and sisters ... the donors and North Stars ... we already have some "moments" in the tank fueling the birth of issue #25 -- 9.2, where The Liberator will be embarking on yet another "first," of sorts.

Soon come.

In the meantime, check out our most updated list of distribution spots for where ever you may find yourself in the world. And if we don't distribute there, check out our regular Motorcycle Diaries feature online or in print -- we're probably writing about it. We're a jet-setting, globe-trotting, passport-toting bunch:

Cape Town, South Africa
Johanesburg, South Africa
Dakar, Senegal
Serrekunda, Gambia
Kampala, Uganda
Nairobi, Kenya
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (big up, Esta!)

Geneva, Switzerland
London, England
Paris, France

Toronto, Ontario

New York
Twin Cities, Minnesota
Washington, DC
Los Angeles
Raleigh, North Carolina
Richmond, Virginia

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