Blu: Her Favorite Colo(u)r [ep/mix]

Liberator favorite Blu dropped this mixtape back in February. Unlike the average "tape" these days, this is actually worth the time it takes to download and add to your collection -- this project is just so smooth. A small selection of the best from the project are below.

Her Favorite Colo(u)r (download it)

On "Amnesia" Blu is in familiar form over a ridiculous, mellow, jazzy Billie Holiday-sample anchored track. This track right here is why you love the brutha. Pretty much everything you'd expect if you've listened to and loved his and Exile's classic debut Below The Heavens.



"Wind(terlude)" is a visual, cinematic groove. Far as "interludes" go this is champion sound. Blu raps, "Must have been some karma from the second verse of "UpAllNite"/ One minute loving life now all we do is fuss and fight/ You fucking right I'm fucking pissed, I'm fucking right/ You fucking his right? You fucking right?/ Next thing you know she gone, that's how you know she wrong, months/ ago she wouldn't sleep alone/ Now she don't even speak on phones, to me it means that shes in peace/ but uhh... to each his own/ Treat her like meat and bones, kisses and reads her poems/ Looking to clean her loans, why you clinging on?/ Used to think that home is where heartbeat is, it's never where the art-ist is/ So she teases, teaches the old dog new tricks, Kathie Lee & Regis/ Co-sign a new whip, happy just to be with/ Classy as a drink, ink pen-speration, been a minute since I kicked some new shit/ Pink lips to patience?"



On "Vanity" Blu raps, "Prioritizin life in case I do not live long/ And finally find some time to sit down and pen a song/ Might as well try and tell you how I feel when I feel/ Not just when it's time to pay some bills/ Life is real/ You can miss it everyday/ Tryna get a lil pay/ Fill a page with some change tryna feel a little change/ On my mind I be thinkin bout the rain but/ Sunshine shines everyday... Hangin on dreams to be happy/ whether lavish or lean/ I seen enough to make a boy die nappy/ Now a man on the search for the God that I am/ But actually I rather be me/ Is it?/ Vanity?"