THAT Homeboy Sandman [mp3 | video | ep/mix]

After some quiet observation of this brutha from the sidelines (tryna see through the media hype clouds that inevitably surround so much these days), I gotta give him his props. So far, Sandman's shown that his passion is intense, his intent right and honest, his ego humbled and joyous, and his dedication to creative storytelling something serious. I'm sharing a few of his best tracks to date below. In each of them he challenges the listener... to listen; each track presents its own unique challenge though.

"Angels With Dirty Faces" is contemplative, somber, inspirational -- an understated chant-like lyrical flow, mourning our homeless bruthas and sistas, hiding in the hypnotizing flow of the track. On the chorus Sandman wails, "I'm a form of life/ forms of life are friend to me/ not unlike infinity/ so all souls alike./ Air raids on polite/ lightening bolts of energy/ I've composed a elegy/ for those that froze tonight/ my bros that froze tonight."

Angels With Dirty Faces


"Everyday Love" is dreamy, vulnerable, poetic -- a lazy, hazy daydream flow speaking to love over a airy beat that'll make ya eyelids-heavy, gently. Sandman raps, "Soon as I ain't scheming on to get into your pants/ that'll be the one that wouldn't last/ guess I'm just a amateur on matters of romance/ matters of the heart/ wish that I could finish but I don't know where to start/ wanna stop speeding but I don't know where to park/ see you in my dreams/ gotta find out where you are/ but it's hard/ I am always where you are... n't/ at/ they say that's the way it goes/ least that's what I'm told/ searchin every cranny every nook/ but they say you neva find it when you look/ find it once it's easy bein 'lone."

Everyday Love


"Mambo Tail Tale" is comedy on funky, jazzy digi-wax -- storytelling at it's playful best over a unforgettable B-Boy Mambo track. Sandman flows, "Now/ I don't really know how the Mambo go/ I don't know if you Mambo fast if you Mambo slow if you Mambo both/ Shorty look fine tho I was tryna kick it like tae kwando/ so I said hell yea I could Mambo miss I am very head honcho-ish/ Now of course jus talkin shit how she gon call my bluff/ this DJ playin all that sambo stuff he ain't gon play no Mambo cuts/ At that point the shit jus got bugged shorty threw her fingers up snapped them once/ I don't know where dudes jus rolled up one had a trombone the other had drums!" He continues, "Broke from out my b-boy stance I extended my hand and she grabbed it/ And we started movin side to side jus kinda synchronized like we had planned it/ Then I started puttin it down I started spinnin her 'round like real rapid/ Then I threw her up in the sky they thought I threw her too high but then I caught her in stride/ When she had landed/ It was fantastic."

Mambo Tail Tale


Sandman ain't for everyone, but he is for listeners. If you take time to accept that challenge, you'll be rewarded.

Free mixtape with a handful of decent tracks (his two albums -- Actual Factual Pterodactyl and Nourishment (Second Helpings) -- on iTunes are much better though):
There Is No Spoon (rightclick+download)

Meanwhile, Sandman's videos always tend to illustrate the brutha's lighter side: