Theophilus London: This Charming Mixtape [epmix]

On the verge of a new mixtape release from Theophilus ("I Want You Mixtape"), I thought those who ain't familiar yet should get so. Give this brotha time to grow into even newer life experiences and lessons and I doubt he'll disappoint; his talent is raw and promising. Engage him while he's open to keep him open. His first official project "This Charming Mixtape" is available free, or you can find a curated selection below:

This Charming Mixtape (download it | mirror)

Not on this mixtape, but a preview of what's to come on "I Want You Mixtape", the unhurried, jazzy "Life Of A Lover" features Jessee Boykins III (another buzzin, young, raw talent) finds the London sound on a new level.

Life Of A Lover f. Jesse Boykins III


A drippin slow bass beat with a haunting hook, "I wanna know/ I wanna know/ I wanna know/ So show me who you are", Aquamilitia is probably the best track on this mixtape.



Speaking of Bill Withers. Wait for the one minute mark on Theophilus' version of "Ain't No Sunshine" and you'll be rewarded:

Ain't No Sunshine