Great Moments in Sports, Calculated

{Cassius Clay, © Mattias Mackler}

In the "make something cool every day" spirit, graphic designer Mattias Mackler created these fun and elegant diagrams of, um, great moments in sports.

{Walter Payton, © Mattias Mackler}

{Air Jordan, © Mattias Mackler}

These diagrams were part of Mackler's self-imposed, year-long experiment to stretch himself as a designer. Mackler in his own words:

As a graphic designer and illustrator, I am constantly challenged to solve problems creatively and of course, in a timely manner. This site was formed to strengthen those skills so as not to get fired in the near future. and make designs that were more about experimentation and most of all, simply having fun.

When it comes to art or any kind of creative endeavor, I think that's when we come up with our best ideas. When we just have fun, experiment, and do something just for the hell of it.

Check out his blog (now an archive of these experiments), Somethink Fun, to see more from Mackler.

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