Karyn Olivier: ACA Foods Free Library project

Karyn Olivier is a visual artist from Trinidad and Tobago working in the US. Her art practice usually uses sculpture to invite dialogue about space and nostalgia. In a 2009 project for a West India centered show at Real Art Ways in Connecticut, Olivier installed a library in the local ACA Food Store, a West Indian market in the community. For the project, entitled ACA Food Free Library Project, Olivier has placed books by Carribean authors strategically around the grocery store and the books can be checked out free of charge. Olivier hopes to recreate this installation in other locations in the country.

Olivier's other recent project is a call In-Bound Houston. She has replaced 13 billboards across the city with images of what drivers would see if no advertising was there--trees, skies, homes and other environmental elements. You see the project on her blog.