"Rocks of Ages" / An interview on crystals and energy with Ras Ben

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An Interview with Ras Ben, author of Rocks of Ages and Rocks of Ages: Anu Edition
by Stephanie Joy Tisdale

Liberator Magazine: When did you discover crystals? How did you begin to learn about them and what has been the most interesting part of your journey?

Initially, I was taken hostage by the mineral nation because it was never my intention nor in my wildest imagination that I would work with crystals and sacred stones. When my Queen and I met, we were into vegetarianism. We were vegetarian caterers working with an elder named Kibwe Bey. There was another elder in town -- Washington, DC -- named Jertha Love who was a spiritual leader in the community. Jertha Love was hosting a spiritual retreat that involved a series of workshops, and the participants were fasting for the duration of the retreat. The final workshop was on crystals. After the crystal workshop, they were going to break their fast and they asked us to do the food. So while we were there preparing the meal, they said come and sit in on the last workshop. Now, the retreat was outside of DC out in the elements. And I have always been a woodsman and like to be in the elements. I was really taking this as an opportunity to be in the woods. I wasn’t trying to be inside listening to someone talk. But the elders insisted. So I sat there, and it was interesting, but it didn’t really grab me. But at the end of the session, the elders’ wife, Jertha Love’s queen, had us circle up and she shared a powerful prayer -– asking that the mineral nation come into all of our lives and work with us. And about 6 months later, I caught what my Queen calls "crystal mania".

I was dreaming about crystals, all of my money was going into crystals, and it was creating imbalance in my life. So I said, I kinda need to flip this around; so I started selling crystals as a way of making money -- a little hustle to make some money so I could get the crystals that I wanted. And what I came across was that there was a great not-knowing about crystals in our community. And this was in the 80’s when the whole New Age thing, Shirley McClain and all of that was going on. So, one day, I was vending at African Liberation Day and this brethren came up to my table and asked "What’s this got to do with Black People? What’s this got to do with I-n-I?" And you know what, I didn’t have nothing to tell him. I didn’t have anything to say. You know, I was vibing on the stones, I really liked them and had to have them, but I didn’t have anything to say. So I said "wow, I got to do some ra-search". So I did, and I started making little flyers "Crystals in Ancient Egypt", "Crystals in the Bible", "Crystals and Melanin". And within a year, I ended up with maybe 15 flyers on crystals and different subjects as they relate to I-n-I as a people. And one day someone came up to my table and they read all my literature and they said "You should write a book my brother." And I said "you know what, I am." And that was all the inspiration I needed. And I did, it was an 8-year project. I started in 1992, and the 1st edition of Rocks of Ages came forth May 5th, 2000. An expanded Anu Edition came forth October 13, 2008.

Liberator Magazine: What are the main differences between your first book and this one? Is the first book a prerequisite for this one?

The 1st Rocks of Ages’ title is a play on words -– evoking the spiritual stability of the song Rock of Ages while surveying the use of crystals and sacred stones throughout the ages. Anu edition builds on this, but carries it a little further by exploring the nature and structure of time itself -- the Ages according to the Anu. The Anu are Africa’s primordial ancestors that seeded high-cultures throughout Earth. The progenitors of monolithic and megalithic architecture, hieroglyphic writing, agriculture and other legacies of culture left a very important contribution for this time -- intricate calendar systems. According to ancestral traditions and cultural cosmology, what time is it? How can we align ourselves with the flow of space-time now? Rocks of Ages: Anu Edition addresses these important questions by exploring the time keeping systems of the Ancient Kemites, Maya/Olmec, Dogon, Zulu and other Anu cultures. The 1st Rocks of Ages is not a pre-requisite; everything in the 1st edition is in Anu Edition, plus more. It is Anu Edition for Anu Age.

Liberator Magazine: What are some of the things that people should know about crystals but don't?

A crystal is any material that has an organized molecular structure. Matter comes together in one of two basic ways: amorphous (random, chaotic molecular configuration) or crystalline (organized, patterned molecular configuration). Take water for example. It can freeze as either ice (amorphous) or a snowflake (crystalline). The organized molecular pattern of the frozen snowflake displays a beautiful symmetry, balance, and complex organization. So, crystals tend to be natural embodiments of beauty and natural (divine) order, known by we as Maat. But what is more important is that organized molecular structures tend to have energy potential. That means that crystals tend to be able to super-conduct, conduct, semi-conduct, resonate, generate, or transform various frequencies within the electro-magnetic spectrum. All modern technologies are based on the energy potential of crystals. For example, quartz crystal semi-conducts power frequencies (electricity); this energy potential is used to express the binary code at the heart of all computer processing. Ruby crystals organize light rays into a coherent beam. This energy potential is used to make lasers found in CD and DVD players. Quartz crystal is a resonator of radio frequencies; this energy potential is used in all broadcast communication including cell phones, radio, and television. The quartz in the receiving device can be set to resonate at a specific frequency that allows it to tune into a specific station or receive a call without interference from other calls.

Liberator Magazine: How important is crystal science to the everyday life of an African person? What are some everyday life realities that it addresses? What illnesses, mental or emotional challenges and other issues does it address?

We use crystal technology everyday living in modern Babylon, but we don’t recognize it as such. Now, just as Babylon takes whole grain wheat and "enriches" it, making it a disease-producing non-food called "white flour" -- just as Babylon takes the iron and zinc-rich super nutritious sugar-cane and "refines" it to make a toxic drug called "white sugar"; so too does Babylon take nature’s crystals and "refine" them into the modern technological gadgets I just mentioned earlier. But just as we should eat whole grain and avoid enriched wheat products; just as we should sweeten life with agave nectar and avoid refined sugar, so too should we use crystals in their natural state and avoid technologized crystals. "Technologized" crystals tend to emit harmful radiations that disrupt our internal frequencies and cellular energy systems, causing a wide range of issues. Too much cell phone, computer, TV, radio vibes can cause headaches, confusion, stress, depression, and autoimmune issues, even cancer. And mother earth produces a crystal that in its natural state is a perfect counter-balance for several maladies facing humanity in this time, particularly the ones mentioned.

Liberator Magazine: What are those who have not incorporated the use of crystals in their lives missing out on? How would you suggest one begin their personal journey into this?

The greatest gift the mineral nation has to offer is a strong inner knowing, a strong intuition. If you see a crystal, and you have no idea what it is, maybe just know its name. But you may have an unexplainable attraction to it. Go for it. Get it. And you may be inspired to do something with it, like putting it under your pillow or wearing it in your head wrap; lying it across your heart or place it in a particular corner of your house. Go for it. Do it. Because more than likely you will get a favorable response. Insight into a particular challenge may be gained; painful emotions may be released; blockages preventing prosperity may be banished. So you receive a double blessing -– the crystal energy harmonized your energy, but beyond that you may learn to trust that inner-voice more. The opportunity for you to go into yourself, tune into the stone, and have the divine intelligence of creation speak to you on how to best use that stone is a great way to connect with the divine inside. And why that is important is because these are the final times. We have to be in tune, when that voice says come, we must come. Our connection with our 1st mind has to be so strong in these times. Or our ancestral mind, so when they say something in our heavens, we have to have such clear inner-communication, that when we get that message to do what we got to do, we do it without 2nd thought. And working with the crystals is one of the best ways to tap that inner knowing.

Liberator Magazine: As a father, husband, educator and African man in America you have to face unique challenges. How has your journey through these sciences impacted the roles that you play in your life? How might they influence African men in America in particular? What are your suggestions for ways that Brothers who are dealing with severe oppression in America can incorporate these insights?

Know this: everything in creation -– from the most-subtle energy to the densest form of matter -– everything is ultimately a vibrational frequency. So we live in a omniverse where everything is vibrating energy. A key to gain self-determination and mastery of one’s destiny is to gain control of the vibrational frequencies within ourselves as well as within our environment. Biblical scripture tells us that this is not a battle of flesh and blood (a physical battle) but of spiritual (vibrational) wickedness in high and low places. So we must gain control of our vibes. Once we do this, we can summon the protection we need; we can attract the prosperity we need; we can have mastery over our thoughts, emotions, words and actions and counter-act the remote-control reactions Babylon has programmed into us that tend to leave us economically disempowered with broken families and feeling oppressed. In nature, God created three things that seem to have tremendous power over vibes and energy. One is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in plants that has the ability to take solar radiations and transform it into food and nutrition for the plant. Another thing is melanin. Melanin is a golden, brown, or black pigment found in humans. Melanin is to the human as chlorophyll is to the plant. Melanin has the ability to take solar radiation, sound frequencies, and other forms of energy and transform it into food and nutrition for the body. The third thing in nature is quartz crystal. Chlorophyll is to the plant as melanin is to the human as quartz crystal is to the entire planet. I’ve already mentioned some of the energy potential of quartz. The more we work with chlorophyll by eating phyto-nutrients from plants; the more we empower our melanin by reestablishing a sacred relationship with the Sun; the more we work with sacred quartz from the earth, the more empowered we will be to control our vibes and master self-determination.

Liberator Magazine: What other cultural groups utilize crystals? What relationship does this science have with ancient/modern Africa?

The ancient Kemites literally adorned themselves from head-to-toe with crystal. Crowns of nobility often had crown jewels of malachite, lapis lazuli, azurite, and meteorites. Sandals often had carnelian buckles. Sacred Stones were an intricate part of priestly initiation as chronicled in the Kemetic Book of Coming forth by Day (Book of the Dead). Biblically, sacred stones can be found from Genesis to revelation; starting with the breastplate of Moses adorned with 12 sacred stones in a circuit of gold with meteorite shoulder buckles. The Ark of the Covenant actually contained a powerful meteorite that was the "Covenant" stone (Bet-el/Betyl) of Israel, comparable to the Black Stone at the heart of the Ka’aba in Mecca -- the covenant stone of Islam. Fast-forward to Revelations, which opens (2nd chapter) with "The Prophecy of the White Stone" and later depicts the New Jerusalem as a city made of 12 sacred stones with pearly gates. The kingdom of the Ba’kongo in the Kongo river basin also worked extensively with sacred stones. They had an intricate science of making n’kisi –- talismans and amulets made with crystals to invoke healing, protective powers. Many Africans-in-America have this ancestral connection of sacred stones through their Ba’kongo lineage. This is what Rocks of Ages is about. Exploring these traditions in-depth to awaken these ancestral connections.

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