Driving With Fanon [trailer]

This new film is billed as an 'avant-garde' exploration of Fanon's ideas and person through a contemporary journey in Africa. The film premiered in South Africa in March, but does not seem to have an American release as of yet. Once it does make it this way, I'm sure it will be an interesting companion to the Fanon discussion happening on the blog.

///Driving with Fanon is a filmic meditation on violence, memory and the human condition in post-colonial Africa. Avant-garde filmmaker, Kwena Mokwena travels through Freetown, Sierra Leone with the ghost of Frantz Fanon, engaging a new generation into conversation about the radical black scholar, psychiatrist and revolutionary thinker. Through this film, we drive into the 21st century Africa guided by a Sierra Leonean journalist and writer , Lansana Fofana.

This film uses a dynamic digital language to deconstruct dangerous stereotypical depictions of violence in Africa. Kwena’s daring use of funky hip-hop grooves and free jazz treatments turn the dull documentary format into an exciting experimental moment where young Africans can ask the hardest questions facing their generation. DRIVING WITH FANON juxtaposes classical cinematography with video art and music video like montages that create a new audio-visual language. It is a digital libation.///